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  • New version !!

    DAA PRIMER-PRO Collator
    DAA PRIMER-PRO Collator

    Loading primers has never been that easy. The DAA PRIMER-PRO Collator loads Dillon primer tubes automatcly and stops when full. It doesn't makes a lot of noice like all others do and it's a beauty to see also.

    € 199,00

    DAA 4-Pack Magnetic Collars for Primer Tube
    DAA 4-Pack Magnetic Collars for Primer Tube

    additional Magnetic Collars, designed for use on Dillon Pickup tubes in conjunction with the PRIMER-PRO primer collator

    € 19,95

    The PRIMAFILL is a semi-automatic primer-tube filling solution, able to quickly and easily fill both Small and Large primer tubes. It allows you to switch between Small and Large primers instantly, without tools or assembly.

    € 85,00
  • NIEUW !!

    DAA Automatic Brass Marker
    DAA Automatic Brass Marker

    The DAA Automatic Brass Marker offers a unique and innovative solution for shooters wanting to easily recover their fired brass on the range

    € 119,00
  • DAA Case Lube - 250ml
    DAA Case Lube - 250ml

    The Case Lube is a result of much testing and experimentation to find the best performing formula. The non-aerosol spray-cap bottle is easy and efficient to use: Simply lay your cases out in an open flat box, and spray lightly.

    € 15,95
  • New version

    DAA Click-Adjustable Powder knob V2
    DAA Click-Adjustable Powder knob V2

    DAA Click-Adjustable Powder knob

    € 24,00
  • 100 test case gauge "the hundo"
    100 test case gauge "the hundo"

    Supersnel geladen patronen controleren doe je met deze gauge voor 100 patronen. Je controleert supersnel of er een foute patroon tussen zit en als je er 100 hebt die goed zijn, dan zet je een munitiedoosje op de shockbottle gauge,…

    € 119,95
  • Dillon XL750 met casefeeder
    Dillon XL750 met casefeeder

    Does not qualify for free shipping shippingcost will be quoted after you placed your order with shippingadres !!

    Dillon XL 750 Reloader Machine with Case Feeder.

    The Dillon XL750 is an evolution of the Dillon Progressive…

    € 1.595,00
  • DAA magnetic powder check
    DAA magnetic powder check

    The unique new design uses a high-tech Reed Sensor and a magnet assembled to the plunger Rod, to assess if the charge in the case is of the correct height.

    € 65,00
  • Frankford arsenal Brass cleaning solution
    Frankford arsenal Brass cleaning solution

    Frankford arsenal Parts and Brass cleaning solution #878787

    € 24,95

    Lemi shine original booster
    Lemi shine original booster

    Ideaal voor wet tumbling van je hulzen, met Lemi shine booster worden ze als nieuw zo schoon !!

    *12 oz. powder
    *Removes tough hard water spots and film for sparkling dishes and glassware

    € 7,95
  • Mr..Bulletfeeder powderfunnel
    Mr..Bulletfeeder powderfunnel

    Your Mr.Bulletfeeder® is supplied with a newly designed and improved powder funnel. The powder funnel is a very important component of a bullet feeder of any kind, as it prepares the brass correctly so that the bullet can be…

    € 35,00
  • Hornady Tapercrimp Die .40
    Hornady Tapercrimp Die .40

    The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Taper Crimp Die is a great addition to your Hornady CGND die set. The Taper Crimp Die is specifically designed to improve the feeding reliability in your semi-automatic handgun or rifle. The…

    € 42,50
  • Mr.Bulletfeeder output spring and extension adaptor
    Mr.Bulletfeeder output spring and extension adaptor

    Some Mr.BulletFeeder users have asked for the option to extend the output feed spring, to allow them to position the collator further away, or perhaps position one collator between two presses and use it to alternately feed each…

    € 10,00
  • Dillon strongmount voor XL650, RL550 en RL550B
    Dillon strongmount voor XL650, RL550 en RL550B

    This mount is for both the Rl550 and RL550B, as well as the XL650.Mount height 8 1/2"

    € 135,00
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