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The Double-Alpha PRIMAFILL is a semi-automatic primer-tube filling solution, able to quickly and easily fill both Small and Large primer tubes. It allows you to switch between Small and Large primers instantly, without tools or assembly.

The PRIMAFILL can be used with any primer tubes which have an 8mm outer diameter, such as Dillon, or DAA tubes. It does not require a custom adaptor piece fitted to the tube, as other competing products require. So using the PRIMAFILL, you will be able to fill all your primer tubes!

The Extra-Large flip-tray area is convenient when emptying large primer boxes, such as Federal and others. The tray is large enough for the entire box to fit over.

The PRIMAFILL is powered by a regular 9v battery (not included). A momentary ON switch falls naturally under your index finger as you hold the device for right hand use, with your thumb centered on top of the lid. Hold the button down as you feed the primers into the tube, and release as 

soon as the last primer vanishes down the exit hole. Since this action should take 20 seconds or less, one battery charge will last for many thousands of primers.

The spring-loaded orange latches incorporated into the output posts enable you to snap a tube into place, or remove it, instantly without any twists or turns, the latch falls naturally under your thumb: you press down on it as you insert the tube up, and  you press up on the latch as you extract the tube downwards. An Easy and natural apposing thumb action.

** Primer tubes and battery are not included!

Operating Instructions:

  1. Ensure a 9v battery is inserted and test by pushing the powder button. The device should vibrate and hum gently in  your hand. Do not remove the foam pad from under the battery, it is required there.
  2. Remove the lid, and position the magnetically-retained stopper to block either the LARGE or the SMALL exit hole to match your needs. Flip it over when moving it from one side to the other.
  3. Stand the PRIMAFILL on a flat table, and place 100 primers on the flip tray area.
  4. With the device resting on a smooth table top, slide it around with short, sharp motions to flip all the primers until they are all anvil side  up.
  5. Replace the lid and insert a primer tube into the appropriate exit hole. Push down on the orange latch as you insert the pipe into place, and make sure it seats all the way home.
  6. Hold the device in  you right hand, with  your index finger on the button and your thumb centered on the lid. Tilt the PRIMAFILL so that the primers bunch-up near the BLOCKED exit hole (so by the LARGE when feeding SMALL primers)
  7. Activate the vibratory motor by pressing and holding the power button, then gradually tilt the device towards the open exit hole (to the right for SMALL primers) so that a single (or at most a double) row is formed towards the exit hole. Also tilt the device towards you to assist the primers in running down the exit channel to the exit hole. Do not tilt more than necessary in either axis. Try to keep the PRIMAFILL as horizontal as possible, while still creating sufficient motion in the primers.

Please Note:

  • Various brands of primers will flip best with different types of agitation motion of the flip tray. Experiment to find the optimal flip tray action required to flip your primers.
  • Various types of primers will slide differently, at different speeds. Some will require you to hold the device at a steeper angle to get them moving properly. Experiment a little to find the correct feeding angle best for your primers.
  • If a primer hangs on the exit hole, a tap with your left hand finger on top of the lid above the hole should clear that up instantly. No need to stop the vibration of the device or remove the lid.
  • If your primer tubes have an entry hole chamfer that is not well formed or not symmetrical, this can create a ledge that primers may hang up as they fall down into the tube. Try using the other end of your tube. Or, try rotating the tube to find the angle that allows the primers to flow uninterruptedly into the tube. You can mark that with a Sharpie on  your tube, so  you can easily position it again the same way.
  • Primer Tubes are NOT included with the device, in order to reduce costs and packaging size. Order tubes separately, if you need them.
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