Hi-Capacity Powder Hopper

Artikelnummer: SK101960
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€ 22,50 (inclusief btw)

Double the capacity of your Dillon powder hopper with this clear PT extended Hopper. The Hopper measures 36cm long and replaces the 18cm long Dillon Original.

It assembles in the same way, using the two screws in place on the Dillon.

The Dillon cap or Low Powder Sensor will fit and can be used. However, note that you will need to extend the follower rod on the low powder sensor in order to get it to activate correctly at the bottom of this extended hopper.

An acrylic powder baffle is included with the extended hopper.


1050 users, please note: this hopper it too long to fit under the case feeder on your 1050. You will need to shorten it to fit. The tube can be shortened using a saw or serrated knife. About 9cm need to be cut off to fit under the 1050 case feeder.

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