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GR Articulated Belt

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We proudly present the new GR Articulated Belt:


The new GR Articulated Belt represents a significant advancement in design and functionality, providing a superior user experience. With a primary focus on improving comfort, lightness and stability, this belt offers an innovative and effective solution.

Its structure guarantees more rigidity, providing the necessary support without compromising essential flexibility. The lightness of the GR Articulated Belt is remarkable, making it an ideal choice for those seeking practicality without sacrificing safety.

The functionality has been carefully enhanced to meet the key needs of athletes, offering additional features that make it easier to use in each competition. Additionally, the compactness of the design allows for greater mobility, making it a versatile option. With the constant concern to offer maximum stability, the GR Articulated Belt stands out as a reliable choice.

Whether for professionals looking for optimized performance or enthusiasts who value superior quality in sport, this belt is the answer for those looking for the ideal balance between comfort and functionality.

The true full articulation of the belt, even when coupled to the under belt, is an exclusive feature of the GR Articulated Belt. Its rotating link, at the back, guarantees free movement of the hips, providing exceptional comfort every time the athlete needs to bend down.

This unique functionality increases the flexibility and adaptability of the belt, overcoming the limitations encountered.

Differentiating themselves from the competition, all GR accessories are designed to attach directly to the Modular Belt links. This not only simplifies the customization process, but also significantly reduces the weight of the entire equipment.

Both the GR Holster and the GR Magazine Holders (Light and STD) are efficiently fixed to the belt links, ensuring balanced distribution and exceptional lightness, without compromising robustness.

The acquisition of the GR Articulated Belt includes all the necessary links to attach the Holster and the GR Magazine Holder, providing a precise and safe assembly. The set also has a mounting wrench, simplifying the installation process and ensuring firm fixation of the accessories.


This is a reflection of GR's commitment to offering a complete and adaptable solution to the individual needs of use

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