Gugaribas NEO closed universal holster

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Now also in all colors !!

NEO GR Universal Closed Holster

All the versatility and quality that only the GR Company can provide and all that with Lifetime Warranty*.

Adjustable for all Standard, Classic and Production pistols for practical shooting of the market.

Developed by a company expert in competition, for the best performance of all athletes!

Launched on IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 in Germany, the NEO GR Universal Closed Holster was very well received and praised by the companys.

How does It Works:

With only two screws you can adjust the NEO GR Universal Closed Holster for all pistols** available in the market, even adjust the height and position of the Holster, for better performance and comfort of the athlete.

This holster can be adjusted within 1 minute by every person, because it's so simple by just only 2 screws !!!


* The NEO GR Universal Closed Holster has lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover normal wear or misuse of the product, so it is important that the customer contact us to analyse any cases.

**Open pistols or pistols with a thumbrest or mount will most likely not fit, email us for more info iff you're not sure.


Here you have a 3D movie about the adjustement, it's so simple :-)

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