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  • GB95069900

    GugaRibas universal speedholster
    GugaRibas universal speedholster

    The one and only for allThis holster is the union of speed, quality, safe and all the qualities of the previous versions of our holsters, with a great diference:

    It now serves the guns with asymmetric guard trigger like HK,…

    € 209,00 € 199,00
  • -6%

    Gugaribas Neo holster
    Gugaribas Neo holster

    Now also in all colors !!NEO GR Universal Closed HolsterAll the versatility and quality that only the GR Company can provide and all that with Lifetime Warranty*.

    Adjustable for all Standard, Classic and Production pistols for…

    € 158,00 € 149,00
  • -8%

    Guga Ribas Universal Revolver holster
    Guga Ribas Universal Revolver holster

    For you revolver shooter, GR offers you the best technology to better your performance. The GR’s R-EVO brings the same characteristics that made the GR Holster for Pistols to be considered the best: Universality, Safety and…

    € 238,00 € 218,00
  • -5%

    GugaRibas universal magpouch
    GugaRibas universal magpouch

    This pouch is universal for small magazines or double stack magazines.

    You get a whole variety of mounting plates and the pouch is easy to adjust in wide.

    ** The GR magpouch holders are not suitable for mounting on the DAA Linx…

    € 58,00 € 54,95
  • GugaRibas  frontal magnet to att. to mag pouch
    GugaRibas frontal magnet to att. to mag pouch

    At the front of the pouch you can mount this strong magnet for your firsts magazine or to use with a table pickup.

    € 69,50
  • Detachable magnet
    Detachable magnet

    The Magnetic Magazine Pouch GR has the sames characteristics of the Magazine Pouch GRV1: strength and durability. And like the holster GR FSH-OFA, this products are universal and ambidextrous.

    This model brings as differential,…

    € 58,00
  • -13%

    Guga Ribas competition belt
    Guga Ribas competition belt

    In a competition, attention to detail is extremely important for the Practical Shooting athlete’s performance. The GR belt was designed with this in mind.

    The equipment has an inner light steel structure lined in nylon and is…

    € 74,95 € 64,95
  • -31%

    Guga Ribas cap ( one size fit's all )
    Guga Ribas cap ( one size fit's all )
    € 29,00 € 20,00

GugaRibas universal speedholsters


Dutch Shooting Supply is exclusive dealer of GugaRibas products for the Netherlands                                  We ship true whole Europe.

GugaRibas holsters are universal and will fit almost every pistol on the marked now, just adjust it and go !!

We curently have only a translation for the holsters, so if you need more, please choose the Dutch version of the page.

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