GugaRibas universal speedholster

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The one and only for all

This holster is the union of speed, quality, safe and all the qualities of the previous versions of our holsters, with a great diference:

It now serves the guns with asymmetric guard trigger like HK, WALTHER and SIG. Attending now all the pistols* in the IPSC! So we have the great pleasure in announcing that we have the ONLY universal* holster in the world! And not only that, thanks to our compromise with quality and better service, our holster is the only one with lifetime warranty*!

The equipment is made of the best materials and is very compact, fully adjustable and can be fit in all* pistols on the market.

The holster has a special active-passive safety lock system. The locking system of the holsters was especially designed for the competition shooter. The passive lock will be activated when the gun is placed in the holster and will relaise when the gun is drawn. The active lock can be activated by the shooter when he's not shooting by simply lifting a lever. 

The holster is designed and tested by GugaRibas and Ernie Hill. Ribas and Hill are proud to say they have the best universal holster on the market.

So if you want the best holster in the world don’t miss the opportunity to have the newest version of the GR Holster.

*The GR Holster has a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defaults. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or improper use of the product, therefore it is important for the customer to contact us so we can evaluate each individual case.

The holster has a other great feature, it has a detachable holder. So you can change holsters very quick and also store your belt easy in your range bag, without the problem it’s to big with the mounted holster.

* In some rare cases a gun is not suitable for this holster, contact us first if you have any doubt or have a laser or other mount under the barrel.


NOTE !! The GugaRibas hangers are NOT designed for the DAA Linx belt !! 
​so if you want to mount it on that belt, it's fully on your own risk. 

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