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XCU-R is our lubricating “compound” and it is our way of understanding the specific lubricant for micromechanics subject to high stress.

The result and the goal we wanted to achieve was to reduce as much as possible the problems related to “open and half-open” kinematics and wear resulting from continuous operation in extreme conditions.

The only way to understand CERAFLON-DURATORQUE is to use it, because is very difficult to explain the differences compared to “classic” lubricants, be they Teflon, Ceramic, Silicon, Mineral or Synthetic.

We will never say that CERAFLON-DURATORQUE is superior to other products, but we say firmly however that CERAFLON-DURATORQUE is completely different!

Now with the 2021 update, we have reached the final goal: that water, dust, sand and ice, that is the enemy impurities of the kinematics, can be made "slippery" in contact with CERAFLON-DURATORQUE!


In this new R-Extra Hard formulation we have modified the previous CERAFLON-DURATORQUE in order to reach incredible levels of resistance:

  1. 1.XCU-R has been formulated and tested (several thousand rounds and multiple types of weapons) in order to lubricate the kinematics of the weapons in all possible conditions of use, both as regards the stress deriving from intense use of the weapon and for use in all imaginable climatic-environmental conditions, even the most extreme, even the rarest in terms of practicality and probability of use of a weapon

  2. 2.newly installed XCU-R on the kinematics transforms the behavior of the weapon that seems to have become mechanical guided on bearings! After the first few shots fired, you realize how much vibration the XCU-R absorbs and your weapon appears to be powered by “softer ammunition”.

  3. 3.XCU-R literally disrupts all the rules believed to be certain when it comes to semi-auto rifle lubrication. Both for rifles equipped with a gas system and for PCC. In both mechanical cases, the bolt carrier group turns into an unstoppable power supply protected by bearings! In both mechanical types there will be no more post-shot residues or climate-environmental residues, which can actually interfere with the movement of the bolt carrier!

  4. 4.XCU-R has been designed to work identically on all types of mechanical coupling; steel, aluminum, ergal, polymers and even titanium, carbon and kevlar, because we hypothesized a weapon made with kinematics made with these materials!


Resist even higher WORKING TEMPERATURES, over 185°C x 1 h-continuous (peak of 206°C for 10 sec.)

Resist the EXTREME WORKING PRESSURES present in the area of the barrel>slide-locking-system, in the bolt guides and in the gas system of the semi-automatic rifles

**XCU CERAFLON-DURATORQUE  R does not interfere with gas systems!

Resist FRICTIONS produced by HIGH SPEED and HIGH PRESSURE kinematics even in the presence of residues from shooting activity and also in the presence of desert sand or sea sand

Resist high frequency VIBRATIONS produced by kinematics of semi-automatic pistols and ri es of any caliber

The concept we guarantee is that a weapon not lubricated with XCU-R has a completely different mechanical behavior than itself lubricated with XCU-R!










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