Hornady LnL Powder Funnel 9/.38

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A Hornday LnL powder funnel for use with your Mr.Bulletfeeder or Mini.Mr.Bulletfeeder.

The powder funnel is a very important component of a bullet feeder of any kind, as it prepares the brass correctly so that the bullet can be seated in the case, and not tip over as you index the shell plate. To achieve this, we have redesigned the powder funnel to allow for just the right amount of expansion, without over flaring or stressing your brass.

Please note: Mr.Bullet feeders and Mini Mr.BF are usually shipped with our Dillon Powder funnel. If you wish us to swap that out for a Hornady funnel when shipping – we can do so for you. request that at time of ordering. Or, separately purchase your Hornday expanding powder funnel here.

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