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Single stack magnetic pouch

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The newest addition to the DAA collection of mag pouches is the DAA Single Stack Magnetic Pouch. Designed in a super compact and efficient holding system, this new single stack addition to the DAA line makes a perfect fit to the shooter’s wardrobe.

This new mag pouch positions the magazine ONLY in a 90 degree angle away from the body and is an excellent option for users who choose to carry their magazines this way as many do! This new pouch utilizes two small but powerful magnets that hold the magazine firmly in place while allowing it to rest inside its supporting track. The structure of the mag pouch guides the magazine in and out of the pouch while preventing it from accidentally being dislodged. The release achieved from this magnetic pouch is the smoothest or any of the DAA magnetic pouches, partly due to the smaller contact surface with the single stack magazine itself.

The belt hanger system is the as used on the DAA Racer mag Pouches incorporating the same thin steel plates, which allow a close, smooth connection between the inner and outer belt. The design allows the pouch to be adjusted for tilt in very small increments, until the preferred angle is achieved for use. Once the ideal position is reached, the center screw is tightened and the pouch is secured in position, preventing any rotation from occurring.

The slimline design of this pouch allows the user to add a number of pouches, side-by-side, positioned closely together on the shooting belt. Ideal in preventing the shooter from having to reach behind his back to draw a magazine for use. The DAA Single Stack Magnetic Pouch is ambidextrous in design for either right or left hand users and comes in black color only!

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