DAA Pro belt

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Deze nieuwe competitieriem van DAA is iets soepeler als de al jaren bekende DAA competition belt. Ook is hij dunner en smaller, waardoor hij meer in lijn komt met de andere merken belts en waardoor sommige holsters of accessoires beter passen. Als laatste is de riem voorzien van een veiligheidslip waar dit keer geen logo ingeborduurd is, maar voorzien is van een rubberen logo.


Meet je middel ( niet je broekmaat ) en tel daar ongeveer 18 tot 25 cm bij, dat is de maat riem die je moet bestellen.

1" is 2,54 cm dus als je een middel meet van 90 cm dan tel je daar 20cm bij en kom je op 110 cm : 2,54= 43,31" bestel dan een 44" riem.

DAA Competition Belt Vs. DAA Pro Belt

DAA currently offers two Double-Alpha belts, and we would like to point out the differences between then, and give the information needed to choose the DAA belt which best suites your need.

The DAA Competition Belt has been DAA's IPSC belt since 2009. It has become extremely popular and appreciated by shooters around the world due to its extreme stiffness. This belt is VERY firm, which is, arguably, the most important feature of an IPSC belt. It is an excellent choice for those looking primary for performance.

However, some shooters, especially those with smaller waist circumferences may find it to be too stiff. Some have said they find it does not fold enough to follow the contour of their body as well as they would like. Additionally, in order to achieve this increased stiffness, DAA made this belt slightly thicker and slightly wider than most other manufacturers of inner/outer 1.5” belts. This means that fitting other manufacturer’s gear, which may need to slide onto the belt, such as CR Speed, could be very difficult. It can be done, but it may be a struggle. This is no concern if you plan to use DAA holsters and pouches, as they do not slide on, but are assembled in place.

The newer DAA PRO Belt is designed for improved finish and appearance. The webbing used and overall appearance is more luxurious. It includes a rubberized (not embroidered) safety loop logo, a DAA logo on the inside of the inner belt webbing, and the cool new feature of a name-card holder built into the outer belt. With this, should one forget their rig on the range, it can be returned accordingly with the name ID holder.

The DAA PRO Belt is very-slightly thinner and narrower than the DAA Competition belt. It is more in line with the dimensions used by other 1.5” belt manufacturers, and so it is much easier to slide on gear from other manufacturers. And while it is still a rigid belt, it is not quite as rigid or stiff as the Competition belt. Some customers will prefer this, for a more comfortable fit to their body. For comparison, it is probably just a hair more rigid than the CR Speed belt. 

In summary, those looking for the absolutely most rigid belt available, to make sure their mags and holster are rock solid as they run on the stage, and they plan to use the DAA holster and pouches (an excellent choice!) should look no further than the long-standing DAA Competition Belt. However those looking for a sleeker more luxurious looking belt, preferring perhaps a little more flex in the belt for a more comfortable fit, and/or planning to use gear from other manufacturers, may well find the new DAA PRO Belt better suited to their needs.

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