SK100502 Steel led stop plate

Steel led stop plate

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15.3cm (6”) diameter and constructed of 3mm thick steel plate, the CED Airsoft LED Stop Plate includes two LED lights which alternate between yellow and blue each time it is hit! Each plate comes with a 17” long 3.5mm male plug for connecting to a CED8000 timer. When connected, the stop plate sends an impulse signal to the timer each time it is hit recording the time of each hit on the timer itself. Perfect for club matches where the timer is used to start the course of fire and the stop plate when hit ends it. The competitor's completed course time is then registered on the timer. Each stop plate includes a 7” long steel extension arm for attaching it to wood target sticks. Adjustable sensitivity makes this stop plate a fantastic training device for a wide range or Airsoft, BB, and Pellet guns. (three “AAA” batteries required - not included)

Is NOT designed for use with real guns!

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