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Target Custom Parts XCU racegun lubrication

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XCU an acronym that in the field of sports weapons in a short time has become synonymous with lubricating power!

XCU is the NANO-CeraFlon OIL CUSHION: 

The slide and barrel seem to run on oil tracks.                                                                                                                                                   

The barrel-cart closures, as well as the "tenons" of the rifle obturators, become totally free of vibrations        

The trigger mechanisms work without any metal friction.

XCU does not fear any comparison!

Withstands incredible pressure, temperature and mechanical stress!  And this simply because it was designed and developed with the sole objective of lubricating those weapons that have to shoot several hundred shots in a few hours!  


ONLY AFTER HAVING USED IT, IT WILL INCLUDE THE WHY OF THE SUFFIX:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   G U N P O W E R L U B E XCU - CERAFLON has been designed with a single purpose; TO NOT HAVE LIMITS!

From the Tanfoglio Factory website:

What is XCU?

"Compound-Lube" is unique in its kind and distorts the basic principles of classic "nanotech" lubricants; XCU is made by the 80% of NANO components!

Which are XCU characteristics & benefits?

The characteristics of absorbing the vibrations, resisting the pressure and the smoothness of the lubricating fluids have been exasperated to guarantee the maximum performances applied to the winning mechanical structure of the Tanfoglio firearms.

During the 10 months of intensive tests, in which all the Tanfoglio firearms were used, it was verified the functionality of XCU and it was found that also after thousands of rounds the mechanical behavior of the firearms never changed and even more crucial the firearms reliability was preserved.

XCU has been tested in extreme environment temperatures

(°C -15 > +45) and the firearms didn’t suffer any kind of functional problem.



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