Self setting steel plate 200 mm

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The DAA Self setting Steel Plates are made from 500 Brinell steel, and are 10mm thick, making them extremely durable and long lasting. These steel targets are rated for any pistol ammo, but are not designed to be used with Hi-Powered rifle ammo!

The DAA Self setting Steel Plates are professionally designed and assembled, with top quality welds, assuring reliable performance over time. The lower section of the target includes a sturdy deflection shield to protect the base and hinge area, and is pre-drilled with mounting holes to allow for attachment to floor or stand.

These targets are available in two configurations, a square 150x150mm or a round 200mm plate, complying with the legal IPSC plate dimensions.

Two powerful springs are calibrated just right to allow the energy of the bullet to rotate the plate down, and then quickly and smoothly lift the plate back up into its upright position, making these the perfect training targets! No more wasting time picking up steel or taping targets. With a few of these plates you can ensure that your time on the range in spent shooting, not setting up targets!

The springs can easily be removed, making this plate suitable for competition use as well.

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